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Red Wine

Rombauer Winery -
Joy of Wine

The Rombauer Winery's "Joy of Wine" event held this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was a delightful celebration of the finest wines and the joy they bring. Nestled in the picturesque Napa Valley, the event offered attendees an unforgettable experience. The highlight of the occasion was the presence of 360 Napa Valley's captivating video booth, providing guests with a unique way to capture their cherished moments. Moreover, the culinary delights served were nothing short of exquisite, perfectly complementing the selection of Rombauer's renowned wines. The combination of great food, exceptional wine, and the opportunity to create lasting memories made the "Joy of Wine" event a resounding success and a true celebration of the region's wine culture.​

We hope you enjoyed celebrating with us and make sure to tag @360napavalley when posting your photo and follow us on our socials!

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